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You want to play a game which is entertaining and educative at the same time? You like animals and plants? You are tired to play games which are competitive? Than have a look at Ecogon!

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A Micha Reimer game

Players: 1 – 6

Age: 8+

30 – 90 Min

boardgamegeek 7.8 / 10

Ecogon – Nature in a box!

That’s exactly what Ecogon is, a transportable mini ecosystem as board game for the whole family, friends and fellows.

Whether cooperative or competitive, the rules are simple: Combine animals, plants and habitats, in a way that as much species as possible have a place to live. But simple rules doesn’t mean its a simple game! Your little ecosystem is constantly challenged by event cards. Only if it’s stable enough, you can win the game.

You don’t need to know anything about nature and environment when you play Ecogon. But you can’t avoid to learn plenty about it while playing.

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